Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What makes balloon flight special?

Setting out on a journey by hot air balloon is entering a realm of joy, wonder, and awe. It's quiet, peaceful, and gentle. Punctuated by the roar of the burner, you lift off and glide over the world.

Moving slowly across the landscape, you can observe everything from a new perspective, not just because you are above, but because movement is slow enough to be on a human scale. The full richness of detail is absorbed. Like walking through a neighborhood you usually drive, each new view is a revelation.

Magic is the word most often used to describe flying in a balloon. Magic in how it seems to move without effort. The excitement inspired by the giant colorful balloons is magical. The wondrous responses and good people met along the way are known as balloon magic. Defying ordinary description, magic explains it all.

An astonishing sense of oneness with the atmosphere, exploring its complexity stands at contrast with a feeling of being motionless while the earth moves below you. It's not like you go up high, it's like the world gets further away.

People who ordinarily fear heights are invariably surprised to discover a flight in a balloon doesn't bother them. "Oh. This isn't what I expected!" is uttered so often it's a cliche. With no direct reference to connect the balloon to the earth, no sense of motion, and a secure basket wall around you, it's just not like being on a roof or ladder. People soon relax, enjoy the flight, and forget aobut height.

When you're offered a chance to fly, say "yes" without hesitating. A few minutes later, you'll know why.


At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Don said...

What a wonderful expression of what does make balloon flight special!

Look forward to your first gas balloon flight, too.

And the next, because each one will be a new life for you.


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