Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ballooning Trip to Sicily

Here's your chance to explore Sicily, Italy by balloon. Mario Di Stefano of the Bella Via Balloon company is leading 2 more trips in the spring of 2006 to his homeland. Based out of his hometown of Grotte, you'll be guided around the island by local family members.

Of course, the cool part of the trip will be hot air balloon flights featuring Mario as the pilot. Travellers will take turns flying and crewing. Last year's trip generated a lot of great photos. Arrangements have been made to launch directly from the hotel grounds.

Trip dates are March 23 to April 3, 2006 for the first flights, and April 6 to 18th for the second group. If you're interested in some exotic balloon flying and seeing Sicily from a unique local perspective, you'll find trip details, prices, and references at Ballooning In Sicily website.

Looking for something a little different? Here's a spot for other balloon travel ideas.


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