Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mass Balloon Wedding in China

China hot air balloon wedding28 couples in Nantong, in eastern China's Jiangsu Province, took off in hot air balloons and had a romantic group wedding ceremony in the sky. The weddings took place on On Wednesday, October 26, 2005.

Most couples were newlyweds, but one was an older couple celebrating their golden anniversary.

The ballooning was part of an ongoing airsports competition held in the city of Nantong. All of the events, which also include flying ultralights and microlights, take place in the air.China wedding anniversary in hot air balloon

While getting engaged in a hot air balloon is relatively common, hot air balloon weddings are rare as the limited size of a wedding party and dependence on good weather limits this to couples with a real sense of adventure.
balloon festival in China


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