Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pilot Jobs in Turkey

A few years ago I spent a magical 2 weeks flying in Cappadoccia, Turkey, living with the local pilots and crew. The scenery was stunning, flying conditions as close to perfect as anywhere, a large stream of passengers, and the food was good. The area was hot and dry, full of history. Don't ask about the belly dancer in the basket, I'd thought they were just kidding... When I got back, I'd had such a good time my family was afraid I'd move there.

So, imagine my surprise to see this offer come to me. If flying for a living in an exotic (but civilized) location appeals to you, check it out, there's room for several:

  • For the 2006 - 2007 season we are currently looking for pilots with experience of minimum 300 hours to fly passenger balloons in the best region of the world: Kapadokya - Turkey!!! 300 flying days and soft winds will allow you to land straight on the trailer in 90% of the flights! Spectacular scenery and nice people.

  • Housing, salary, food, paperwork will be provided by the company and 7 brand new Lindstrand balloons are waiting for you + more than 15 new full option vehicles.
    Do not miss this chance of a lifetime to start flying abroad! Send your CV (resume) now to
If this sounds intriguing, please respond directly to the email address above.


At 11:21 AM, Blogger hatem said...

are you still looking for pilots?
I have 1100 hrs experience on 425 & 600,000 cu.ft commercial balloons,
Instructor license & maintenance license (100 hrs chick,pree flight check,Major rebuilt,..)


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