Thursday, April 27, 2006

Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloons

A new ballooning related gift catalog is offering 7 different designs of paper lanterns shaped like hot air balloons. The company is called and is expanding from a longterm balloon festival vendor on the east coast into a web merchant. The proprietor, Paul Veilleux, is also a student balloon pilot.

The lanterns are in the oriental style, made from rice paper on a wire frame. They pack flat and open easily. Because of their light weight they'll hang almost anywhere.

Inexpensive lanterns are a great way to give a balloon theme to a party or a room. They're bright, cheerful, and shout "Balloons!" Designs include rainbows, penguins, kites flying, geometric patterns, dolphins leaping, sailboats, and even carousel horses.

Coolest feature? Get the (optional) light kit that goes inside, converting the lantern into an instant balloon lamp. Adds a glow to the room.

The light kit includes a 15 foot cord, switch, and a compact fluorescent light bulb that's equal to a standard 100watt bulb, but without the heat. Or use your own 20 watt (or less) incandescent bulb for a soft, nightlight glow.

These are the hot air balloon paper lanterns, or take a look at Paul's balloon gift catalog.

What's your favorite design?


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How cute!! :)


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