Friday, April 28, 2006

Balloonists' Weather Service

Balloon pilot weather A new option for preflight weather planning is available at BalloonCast - Balloon Pilot Weather.

BalloonCast provides side-by-side comparisons for 3 weather stations with current conditions, forecasts, and winds aloft. Sunrise & set are also shown, plus a pilot can check the 24 hour trend to see how conditions have developed. Data updates hourly.

Meteorological codes are translated into English and organized similarly to how weather briefers deliver them over the phone, but here they're easy to print and compare.

Additional features include radar, wind profilers, and a thunderstorm locator . There are options to shift time zones between local and zulu, and temperatures and dewpoint in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Graphics for local radar, national radar, and a surface windcast give an overview at a glance.

Best of all, it's real easy to use. Just a few clicks to pick favorite weather stations and when you're flying, and eveything is displayed quickly.

Check the local balloon weather and see how accurate it is in your flying area.


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