Friday, May 12, 2006

Coastal Maine Ballooning Business Opportunity

A friend who's been running a successful ride business for the last 20 years has contacted me with an interesting opportunity. He's very respected, has earned corporate and celebrity contracts, and kept his friends along the way. He's thinking he won't be young forever, so he's interested in finding a good person to pass the business on to. Here's his thoughts:

Interested in relocating to a less hectic area of the northeastern United States with an attractive quality of life? Alluring, coastal Maine! If you are a commercially or privately rated balloon pilot and want to “take over” an established flight service, I’d be interested in talking to you.

For over twenty years I have built this “ride” business into a viable, seasonal entity. I’d like to see the right aeronaut challenged and rewarded with its’ operations. We would gradually change ownership of this “S” corporation, financially and operationally.

If you know anything about the seasonal balloon flight business, unless you are financially independent, you understand the need for other types of income streams.

Relocation and buying a small business is, of course, a major move. Think about it and if there is interest I invite you to contact me!

207-799-0193 or


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