Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New 3 day BalloonCast Option

They've added a 3 day forecast option for ballooncasts. Shown graphically every 3 hours, it's focused on balloooning needs, so winds and dewpoint spread come first. It also shows ceiling, the odds of rain or snow, and a few other things.

At the bottom of the screen there are radar, winds, and weather map images, plus a cool local airspace map that you can click on and zoom about kind of like google earth.

3day ballooncast imageAvailable now for all U.S. locations, just go to: 3day BalloonCast and click on any state. At the bottom of the state menu page you'll see a new option for the 3day 4cast. Choose your nearest airport, and click "Get 4cast".

This is most useful for planning a flight a few days out. The data is from the National Weather Services GFS MOS product. This webpage is heavy on graphics, so it might not be much fun on a dialup connection. But it's great as a quick picture of what the flying weather will be like the next few days.


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