Thursday, November 16, 2006

Describe A Typical Balloon Ride?

A quote from Dave Williams, primary pilot for Hudson Valley Enchanted Balloon Tours in New York on what it's like up there:

Describe a typical balloon ride? It can't be done!

I've tried many times, but have finally given up trying to describe the experience of a hot air balloon ride. That is why there are so many adjectives used in trying to describe a balloon flight: exhilarating, beautiful, amazing, breathtaking, spectacular, etc. Unfortunately, these words come way short, and still don't capture the essence of a hot air balloon ride. As a pilot, I have been up hundreds of times and those words don't work for me and don't begin to describe the wonder of hot air ballooning.. You never get bored or take flying for granted no matter how many times you've been up...

What actually happens during a balloon ride is that the pilot and crew inflate the balloon, the passengers get in the gondola as the pilot brings the balloon to flight temperature. The balloon gently lifts off of the grass, but if your eyes were not open, you would not be aware that you have lifted off of the ground. Many times a passenger will be talking or fiddling with a camera and remark: "Oh, we are off the ground." A balloon ride is not like flying a plane, glider, hang-glider, or skydiving. It is serene and quiet and slow, an experience unlike any other. Fly with us and experience your hot air balloon ride for yourself. --Dave

You can find more on Dave's website, arrange a flight with him, or look over his Why Take Your Balloon Ride With Us page. Or, here are additional options for balloon rides in New York.


At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been up on a hot air balloon 3 times and it is just that. It is a combo of flying,and floating. You feel little breeze because you are moving with the wind.

At 6:35 AM, Anonymous Balloon Rides said...

I think it's the feeling of freedom that makes hot air balloon flights so exhilarating. The silence and calmness of beeing high up in the clouds, drifting slowly is a great way to relax and soak up the peaceful atmosphere.

At 12:12 AM, Blogger Aiden Brown said...

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At 5:19 AM, Anonymous Love Hot Air Balloons said...

Hey there! Hot air balloon rides are really amazing. I love the serenity that is offered when you fly in a hot air balloon!


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