Wednesday, November 08, 2006

There's nothing else like it.

Pat Muir, a reporter for the Yakima Herald Republic wrote a charming article titled: Hot air balloon ride is a stunner for first-timer after flying at the Great Prosser Balloon Rally.

There's a certain quirky sense of humor, and no shying away from sensational details. The opening and closing sums up the challenge of describing the magic of a balloon flight:
Everyone I ask about riding hot air balloons says the same thing: "There's nothing else like it."

"Whatever," I think.

As if balloonists are privy to something so wonderful it can't even be reasonably compared to anything else.

......So, the reporter takes a balloon ride as part of the event. After all the details of the flight he explains:

I start thinking about what I'll write. I don't really know how to describe ballooning's simultaneous sensations of serenity and excitement. The feeling of floating around in a hot air balloon is unique.

There's nothing else like it.

If you decide to go too, the Great Prosser Balloon Rally is held at the end of September in Washington State. Or try any of these other balloon festivals around the USA or a local balloon ride nearer home. There's nothing else like it.

Also check out what makes balloon flight special.


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